Priyanka Chopra, The Media And The Bigger Picture

Priyanka Chopra Loves Big Diamonds and Yachts: ‘I Work Very Hard to Spoil Myself’

Mumbai, New York City, Toronto, London, Shanghai, all these megacities are perhaps more like each other than the rest of their own countries. And if you want a slice of India in New York there's always Little India, or full blown Jackson Heights, which is more like Sitamadhi (Bihar). Plus, after doing 50 movies in India, I doubt Priyanka Chopra did not feel prepared enough facing the camera in the US. In fact, it looks bad on Bollywood, at least the corporate aspects. Hollywood is taking the PC show all over the world and minting money. Why could not Bollywood make movies for the mainstream American audience?

A movie star acts as per the script. It is the writer who decides. The director shapes the presentation. And the 24/7 media saturation topped with social media omnipresence, and you see this constant feed. The society feeds the art feeds the society. It is an ongoing conversation. To quote PC: "Alex is nothing like me."

A few days back I blogged on the topic of the media in two countries as seen through this crossover movie star.

Seeing Priyanka Chopra On The Kapil Sharma Show

Only one episode earlier he goes full blown sexist on some TV news anchor, a new name and face to me.

I am sorry to make note, because I greatly admire Kapil Sharma, who I once called the funniest Homo Sapien on earth. He is the king of comedy globally right now. I like him much.

I actually have a news section on my Google News page for Priyanka Chopra. I also have one on Modi.

One news item today presents PC in a full Meterial Girl Madonna mode.

Priyanka Chopra Loves Big Diamonds and Yachts: ‘I Work Very Hard to Spoil Myself’

It is in sharp contrast to a news clip on YouTube from years ago where she says, I don't enjoy shopping.

The more famous you get bigger the mess the media makes of you. Take Amitabh Bachchan, a genuinely nice person. The media ran with the Amitabh Rekha non story for literally decades.

In politics I have seen this happen to Bill Clinton, or the Clintons. There is this political spectrum. And every point on that spectrum needs its own angle. And there is a media outlet to feed every such expectation.