Jimmy Kimmel: Racist Comment

Priyanka Chopra Interview on Celebrity Page | Arthur Kade

This is the first I ever came across Arthur Kade but this is the best so far from a white guy journalist. Otherwise my summary comment was American media comes across as deeply racist.

I really liked the part about Dwayne Johnson, the top paid actor in Hollywood right now. I think PC has what it takes to become that. And she has this huge advantage of having an already cultivated audience of over a billion Indians.

Priyanka is a different kind of actress. Meryl Streep and Priyanka Chopra are apples and oranges. It might be generational but you just can't imagine Meryl doing Priyanka type roles.

Did you notice, Meryl mentioned Dev Patel but not Priyanka during her Golden Globes speech? The Fidel Castro of Hollywood might be feeling the threat, that the crown might soon be gone.

PC portrays the future woman.

Another good recent interview was Live With Kelly. I sent a tweet to her.

And then there is the over rated Jimmy Kimmel. Some of the most racist people on the planet are white liberals. It is a racist thing to look at a non white person and see a child. Apparently PC has an in house chef or something and white male Kimmel calls her her "nanny."

Jimmy, I am calling out the racism. Tens of millions of Indians are on YouTube, just so you know.

Priyanka Chopra on Jimmy Kimmel Live | January 2017

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