Donald Trump: Health Care For Everyone

Donald Trump said something about health care for everyone a few days back.

He took on the Republican establishment during the primary season and came on top. Democracy is like capitalism. There is creative destruction involved. In Manhattan, where Trump is from, since every square inch of space is already taken, when you have to erect a new building, you demolish an old one. When you want to preserve the exterior of an old building, you gut it from inside. This is all real estate language, familiar to Trump.

If Trump sticks by his pledge of health care for everyone, he ends up ideologically gutting the Republican Party. The brand name stays, but the party is fundamentally changed from inside.

I was, of course, rooting for Hillary 2016. You can dig into this blog's archives and see. But it did not escape my attention that Trump absolutely ate 16 otherwise stellar Republican candidates for lunch without spending much money at all. More noteworthy than lack of funds was the fact he did not have much in the name of a political operation. He was his own political consultant, for the most part. His approach to the whole endeavor was entrepreneurial. Never underestimate a man with a Twitter account, I guess.

If he can end the Cold War with Russia once and for all, that would be a good thing.

Sticking by the mantra of health care for everyone is the only way he can honor many of the people who voted for him.

I think it is possible. The US government is the largest customer of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. There is room to bargain and bring down the prices on drugs.

If Trump will stick to the health care for everyone pledge, I will take a second look at him.

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