Seeing Priyanka Chopra On The Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma has reached unprecedented heights in Indian comedy and most of the time he is respectful and playful. But once in a while he shows flashes of arrogance.

Or maybe the media is thoroughly sinful everywhere, expressing the basest sentiments in all societies, especially since it went 24/7 and there is so much time slot to fill. I have never owned a television, and written articles might be less heavy on the gossip angles.

Watching Priyanka Chopra's media interactions in America and India has been educational for me. The American media comes across as deeply racist. The Indian media comes across as super, off the charts sexist.

Perhaps the Robert De Niro route was better. The movie star who defined an era absolutely refused media interviews and when such became absolutely inescapable he would come across as incoherent, a man of a few words, if not grunts, and even a mute. His point was, my work is in the movies. If you like my work, watch my movies. He felt media appearances took away from his movies by diluting his image and the character building in the movies. He was right, but that distance might not be possible no more in this age of media saturation. Robert De Niro must watch in horror as movie stars these days make a movie and then go on the media circuit to promote the movie. He must feel that robs from the audience the movie experience.

And so Kapil Sharma makes this grand super sexist statement on the only movie star to have reached the heights of the two biggest movie industries in the world..... by organizing a band baaja barat. Hillary Clinton took a lot of heat in 1992 for being a career woman. So I guess being a career woman in India is still a really big deal. It is a new phenomenon.

Kapil Sharma is a genuinely talented person, but the super sexism of the society he springs forth from comes through.

It's like a few weeks back I watched an old interview of Priyanka Chopra and it was 30 minutes of the TV show host completely ignoring PC like she was not even there, because she is a woman.

This is sad because PC is ascendant in Hollywood and poised to reach greater heights. That ought to be a self esteem boost to Indians everywhere in all walks of life, a self esteem boost also to Indian men, especially to Indian men. Because there are many more Indian men trying to do things.

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