Bringing Closure To Tibet The Dalai Lama Way

Bringing Closure To Tibet The Dalai Lama Way

It is mind over matter. Chinese communists are matter people. They build roads and bridges. They are so good, there is no more road or bridge to build in China, that is why they are going to Pakistan. The hammer needs a nail. Or it will rust. It is not exactly goodwill.

The Dalai Lama is a mind person. Buddhism is not religion, it is science. It is a science that passes for religion. It is a science that does not mind being called religion.

The brain is body. The brain is matter. The mind is mind.

Buddhism is a science of the mind. There are plenty of sciences that deal with the brain and even mind. But Buddhism is the only that deals exclusively with the mind. It does not deal with food, for example. You want food? Go beg, Buddhism says. The Chinese say (or said) grab the landlord's land, by any means necessary.

Military conquests can not bother the mind. It can damage or even destroy the brain. But the mind is mind. After all, the Buddha himself created the world’s first republic by sheer mind power. He was so effective at evaporating the caste hierarchies of the Hindu cobweb, you see Buddhists in Tibet, in China, in Thailand, even Sri Lanka, but not in India, not in Bihar, not in Gujrat where he died (left the body), not in his hometown where he was born. The Bramhins had to physically eliminate. Totally annihilate. They had to destroy the body and the brain because they were so utterly incapable of confronting the mind. The Chinese have not come even remotely close. The Chinese can only dream about what the Bramhins did. And they did it with primitive tools where you had to see blood before your eyes while you took the life. Tibetans have not diminished in number. The religion is more or less intact. And they don’t much care about taxation, and the railway.

Mind over matter.

The Dalai Lama has the solution to China’s Tibet problem. He is the only one who has. And the Chinese should take it while he is still alive, or they might not have a solution for 200 years. The solution is for the Dalai Lama to visit Tibet and China. The Chinese government may take care of the logistics. The Dalai Lama does not mind. What train he rides in, what lodge he spends the night in. All that is matter. He does not mind. The solution is for the Chinese to welcome the Dalai Lama into the country and take him everywhere he wants to go. The trip could last a year. It might last for the rest of his life. Let him be. He is not asking for Tibet to be a separate country. There is no “splittism,” the most awkward word the Chinese have managed to put into the Oxford dictionary. There’s the selfie and then there is splittism. Both are highly awkward. Blame the Americans for one, blame the Chinese for another.

Only a Dalai Lama visit can normalize Tibet’s southern border and Tibet can go back to the way it was for thousands of years. Tibet is a natural part of South Asia, more so than Afghanistan. There is no India China border dispute. There is only a Chinese reluctance to let the Dalai Lama bring a closure to the whole issue.

Mind over matter. The Chinese should let the Dalai Lama visit before it is too late.

I am a Buddhist. I have been for almost 20 years now.

That is why what is going on in Nepal is of world war proportions. The Bramhins will be defeated in Kathmandu before they will be defeated in Delhi. Buddhists are not looking to conquer, not with the sword. Buddhists are looking to simply exist. You may not annihilate the body. You may not annihilate the brain. And you may not have hierarchies. But for that one person one vote is good enough. People have to make their own choices.

Mind over matter. The Dalai Lama has a bad knee. Maybe the Chinese would like to help. He wants to visit.

If Buddhism is science, my law of political entropy is Buddhist engineering. It is applied science. It is rocket science.

There is also the no small matter of anointing the next Dalai Lama, when the time comes.