Trumping The Intelligent Conversation On Terrorism

Security is important. Safety is important. It is the number one thing we expect government to provide. We want to be safe from crime and terrorism.

That is why Obama killed Bin Laden. The same government machinery, the same CIA, the same Navy Seal, the same Zero Dark Thirty movie crew, but W could not do it. It took a Barack Obama. I guess you have to be sharp.

I think Hillary is also sharp. She did give Obama a tough time in 2008, did she not? It was neck and neck for months until finally Obama squeaked in.

Indira Gandhi commanded the military like no Indian prime minister before or after. That thing is gender neutral. A strong leader is a strong leader. Gender is not a factor. Leadership is.

Terrorism is for real. 9/11 is still fresh in people's memories. Many major cities have been struck since. London, Mumbai, more recently Paris. It is a valid concern that they might be able to pull it off again in some place like L.A. or Chicago or Seattle. That can not be allowed to happen.

Ever since 9/11 I have maintained this War On Terror is the same magnitude as the Cold War. World War II was about taking democracy across from Britain over to Western Europe. The Cold War was about extending that to Eastern Europe. The only way this War On Terror ends is if every Arab country becomes a democracy. That is the big picture. How do you get there?

This is not about tracking down five, or 10, or 20 thousand bad people and physically eliminating them. That view is myopic. Although there is an obvious military element to the fight. But I am no military expert. I will leave that to the experts. The best in the game plot it out every waking hour. They are at it. They are doing everything humanly possible. Be it in terms of intelligence gathering, or surgical strikes, most of which we don't even hear about. They are doing it. And I am glad. And these are professionals. They don't really care if the person in the Oval Office is a Republican or a Democrat. They answer to the American people through their elected government. They are on the people's payroll, and they know it. More than salary, they are driver by a mission, and a sense of love for country and liberty. Country is territory but liberty is a universal value, and they know it. Where liberty does not exist, people aspire for it. That is true everywhere. I don't know if we are in good hands, but I do know we are in the best hands.

The law of political entropy says a country tends towards democracy granted there is a sufficient flow of information. So the thing to do, the top thing to do is to beam the internet from the sky and smuggle millions of cheap, solar powered Android phones into the target territories. You want to swamp ISIS with cat videos. It really is like that.

But if you are trying to spread democracy in Muslim countries, you have to show that democracy works for Muslims in countries that are already democracies, countries like America, and India, and Germany. Because if democracy does not work for Muslims, why will a Muslim country bother going democratic? Why not keep up whatever they have? Why bother? Because all strong, successful democracy movements are homegrown. There has to be a groundswell. Ordinary people have to actively want it.

Which means demonizing Muslims is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. Have you ever heard Barack Obama talk bad about Muslims? And it is nothing to do with the fact that some people think he himself is Muslim.

There is a sick person on the table. Donald Trump's prescription is let's inject poison. I am sure that will take care of the sick person. But I am not sure that is the kind of taking care we are looking for.

The Donald's prescription of demonizing Muslims is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. The Donald's way leads to situations where more Muslims inside democracies get radicalized, and there are more attacks like Paris, and if there are enough of those, next thing you know is we have another Vietnam on our hands.

Vietnam was an open-ended ground operation. Vietnam was a disaster. Vietnam is a blight on the history of this country. However that war started, it became inhuman very fast. America engaged in chemical warfare in Vietnam like Saddam could not imagine.

One of Barack Obama's legacies is going to be that he did everything in his power to prevent another Vietnam. I guess the guy is pretty powerful and pretty effective. We have not seen another Vietnam. It is said if JFK had not been assassinated, we would not have seen Vietnam. Stupid people entered the Oval Office and let it slide, people like Donald Trump.

Welcoming Syrian refugees into Germany is one of the smartest things Germany can do to fight the War On Terror. From the safety of Germany the Syrian diaspora can plot an eventual victory for democracy in Syria. And they can work their own jobs while they are at it. Germany gets to collect taxes in the process.

Every Muslim country that needs to end up a democracy has diaspora populations in America. These are assets. To Donald that is news. It is news he does not want to hear.

Democracy has to be seen working for Muslims. Capitalism has to be seen working for Muslims. And America is as good a country as any to make that happen.

Donald, you are a fool. You are a circus clown.