If Robots Can Do Surgery

English: The mdonalds logo from the late 90s
English: The mdonalds logo from the late 90s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If robots can do surgery then becoming a surgeon should be less complicated than flipping burgers at McDonald's. Massive rises in productivity can mean the average wages go up dramatically, granted political innovation keeps pace with innovations in technology.

When you use a computer today, do you do it because you understand how all the machine parts work? Do you care? Do you use it because it is slower than you?

Cars and planes are faster than human beings.

Assume 90% of the products and services are not even here. If the human brain is the pinnacle of evolution, then public policy should treat every human brain on earth like it were a gold mine, which is precisely what it is. I don't see the investment happening right now.

Don't blame robots for failures in public policy.

One person, one vote, one voice is a powerful concept. It just needs to be taken to its logical conclusion.

If racism is a Christian thing (colonization, slavery, segregation) then Christianity, the religion, is nothing to do with Christ. Any message against peace, justice and kindness is invalid in all religions. The temple needs to be cleaned up on a regular basis.

We are to create Heaven On Earth. Massive rises in productivity are to take us there. But Godless "visionaries" throw visions of hell on earth. Instead of an age of abundance they talk about abundant poor and useless people.

Artificial Intelligence can help us achieve one person, one vote, one voice 24/7, it can help us do away with the need for literacy. It can give us the perfect communication that a theoretical perfect market economy needs, one where a monopoly simply can not happen, and there is almost always perfect competition.

Technology is supposed to empower. Instead some prophesy helplessness for the masses. They are wrong.


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