Flat Earth, Round Earth

English: The Flammarion engraving is a wood en...
English: The Flammarion engraving is a wood engraving by an unknown artist that first appeared in Camille Flammarion's L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire (1888). The image depicts a man crawling under the edge of the sky, depicted as if it were a solid hemisphere, to look at the mysterious Empyrean beyond. The caption translates to "A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet..." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To expect major advances in the social sciences, in the political sphere, in our economic arrangements, we will have to admit maybe we cling to many flat earth concepts, not only we do, we cling to them with the institutions of power. Our flat earth concepts we accept as natural as the landscape. It will not change.

The free speech domain becomes even more important. Whether or not society, or the political process, will make room is for the political process to decide. But whether or not the thoughts will be thought can not be the domain of political institutions. Or we handicap ourselves in fundamental ways.

It is this juncture of history. History is about to speed up. The past is not a big help, especially to help determine the rate of impending change.

The good news is we might be on our way to heaven on earth in terms of moving to an age of abundance. The bad news is many of the flat earth concepts might try to get in the way through the political muscles they might flex along the way.

Free speech is more important now than ever. Just like our eyes only see the visible spectrum which is a really, really small part of the spectrum, maybe our minds also have a narrow spectrum, but the reality is obviously larger. The mind sees what it is designed to see, but it does not see everything or even much.