Vice President

..... this ticket will turn America into a one party state, come November.

You hire Tine Fey to go after The Donald. She is all you need.

All the men are for sexism. And all the women are anti-sexism. That is not how it works. There are both men and women sickened by sexism. They want to rapid it up. Have you ever found yourself with some dude who is trying to bond with you through some ill thought out sexist joke, and you are about to puke? Women's rights is actually quite platitudinous. It is humdrum stuff. Like pay equality. Dollars and cents. Paid family leave. Zero tolerance for gender violence. Universal pre-K, universal child care, universal public transportation. The interesting stuff starts happening only after women have achieved purchasing power parity. That will be the starting point. Until then it's just preparatory work.

Most of the gender action actually is in South Asia and Africa. Elect them and send them over there!

Hillary Clinton can not be called a feminist because she does boring stuff. Boring stuff like, I dunnow, pay equality maybe?