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Why Have New Hampshire Democrats Gone Gaga for Bernie Sanders?
The latest polls in New Hampshire place Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton by as much as 31 percent. .... why is Sanders, the democratic socialist senator from neighboring Vermont,

who only months ago joined the Democratic Party after decades as an independent

, clobbering the front-runner? ...... As for being a local brand name, well, Hillary Clinton is as known as any politician. The odds may be zero or below that any New Hampshire Democratic voter possesses less information about her than Sanders. And consider this: Last spring, in a series of polls in New Hampshire, Clinton trounced Sanders by between 10 and 44 points. If Sanders' next-door-enhanced name recognition did not help him at that point, there's no cause to think it's doing so now. ...... New Hampshire voters, on the Democratic side, have often bear-hugged the more establishment candidate. ..... There's a distinct pattern: New Hampshire is not friendly territory for progressive outsiders. ......

In recent decades, the only time that New Hampshire Ds fully embraced an outsider was in 1984, when Sen. Gary Hart of Colorado mounted a stunning defeat of former Vice President Walter Mondale. This result turned the race upside down.

...... twice New Hampshire has rescued a Clinton who was close to extinction. ..... New Hampshire Democrats going gaga for Sanders is out of sync with this past. ..... "He's a progressive insurgent," Scala says, "but he's doing very well among moderate Democrats." ..... in the wake of the Bush-Cheney recession, "this class of voters feels left behind"—and Sanders is addressing their worries and desires more so than Clinton. ..... Sanders has delivered a message that connected more solidly with New Hampshire Democrats of varying ideological strips than what Clinton presented.
Stay sunny, or get mean? Candidates choose their New Hampshire strategy.
Angriest of all on Thursday was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. He has plunged into single digits in a state he must finish near the top. He is seeing his presidential chances disappear so it was not unexpected to see him spend the day lashing out in interviews and forums at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). ...... Over the course of a race, there are times when the stress shows on candidates and their teams, when the prospect of losing clouds the candidates’ vision. The test, however, is to keep one’s composure, rise above the attack ads and convince voters that you have a presidential temperament. For some in the field, that appears to be asking too much.

I'm not sure why people get so horribly angry at Hillary supporters. Let's calm it down. We just like that she's qualified. Its okay.

Posted by Negin Farsad on Thursday, February 4, 2016
Tough on crime laws

Compare Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Difference on tough on crime laws.

Posted by The People For Bernie Sanders 2016 on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wow! Bernie blasts!! Does Hilary R. Clinton has an answer? I am feeling BERN let us feel the BERN !!!

Posted by Shailesh Shrestha on Friday, February 5, 2016