India's 21st Century

English: Ginni Rometty of IBM in 2011 during &...
English: Ginni Rometty of IBM in 2011 during "One on One: Ginni Rometty" at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
21st century will be India's, says IBM chairman Rometty
IBM has its biggest employee base in India, estimated to be well over 1,00,000: at least a fourth of its global workforce. ........ Rometty , on a visit for the second time in six months, said India would be at the centre of the fourth technology shift that she refers to as the cognitive era. India will not be at the centre; it will be the centre of this fourth technology shift. Remember we started with cloud, big data, and mobility, and now we have cognitive. It's going to be the most disruptive and the most transformative one," she said. IBM has invested significantly in the cognitive space, most prominently in its Watson technology . ......... dialogue framing, knowledge validation, voice synthesis, language modelling and visual analysis. .....

Rometty believes that cognitive provides "the best chance to solve a lot of humanities big problems."

21st century will be India's: Virginia Rometty, IBM
During a visit to Bengaluru, Rometty also spoke about the potential of IBM's critical cognitive computing system, Watson, and how it had the potential to completely disrupt and transform industries. ..... This century, the 21st century, will be the Indian century - and I really believe that ..... India would "be the centre of the cognitive shift". ..... the evolving technology landscape globally that is increasingly being shaped by artificially intelligent systems such as Watson. ..... "Today Watson has been broken up into a platform of 32 different capabilities, with 50 technologies under it that you can access." ..... "We are today mostly a software and services company. But we have to transform - in this transformation, we will emerge as a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company. And I say that because everything we do is part of that strategy," said Rometty. .... "an ability to help Watson see".