Mehbooba Mufti

A Muslim woman as Chief Minister of the state of Kashmir ---- this is what I love about democracy. It throws up pleasant surprises like this. Before today I had never heard of her. I think this is amazing. I think other parties should throw outside support to her and let her do her thing. She is the people's choice.

Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh fare worse than Muslims in India ---- but that is no excuse for the fact that there is not equality for the Muslims in India. Equality is the goal and it has be achieved. That is the only way India can play a central role in the so-called War On Terror. India has to show Muslims can be equal, vibrant members of a dizzyingly diverse democracy. India has to show the way. The only way the War On Terror can conclude is by a total spread of democracy across the Muslim world. America is not in a position to have that central impact. It is too far away. It does not have enough Muslims.

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