Ghar Wapasi Nahin, Full Blown Conversion

Symbol of Hinduism, white and golden version.
Symbol of Hinduism, white and golden version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Hindu fanatics in India who are disturbing Modi's development focus by the whole ghar wapasi thing --- they should muster their strengths and do the real thing. They should organize global campaigns, go to all continents, create a major online presence, and go everywhere on the planet to teach people who are eager and willing to learn more about Hinduism and possibly convert and become Hindu. The RSS should create a missionary wing, and do this. Go outside India, go outside South Asia.

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right, like free speech. Stop second guessing Hindus who converted to other religions. Try converting people from other religions into Hinduism. I feel like there are not enough Hindus on the planet. And it is a great religion. Spread the word out.

I have a question. What caste will you place those new converts into? Or will you create a new casteless kind of Hinduism? It is about time.