Chris Rock On Race In Hollywood

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I have been reading this article by Chris Rock in the Hollywood Reporter. He is talking about race in Hollywood and how it is a huge factor. And Hollywood is supposed to be the liberal island of America that you rail against in the so-called "heartland." I call it the hinterland. Chris is saying Hollywood is white country. It is a whites only country club.

Chris Rock is great. You have to understand that I really, really, really like comedy. I like a good laugh, what can I say! And Chris Rock is awesome. I'd put him right up there with Jerry Seinfeld in how funny I think he is, he is right there with Raju Shrivastav. Chris Rock is top of the line. He is really good at what he does.

The Indian action is in India. India is coming along, like China is coming along. If you ask me even Africa is coming along. In about five years Africa will be like China and India. As in, you will feel it. And Indians have it in tech. It is the IITs of India that made the dot com boom in America possible. Thank Nehru! Satya Nadella is just the icing on the cake. Sundar Pichai could take over Google any time. And there are Indians in the second rung of every major tech company. If you don't have Indians in strong positions, you are not a serious tech company.

But race is a powerful factor. "Race matters powerfully," Barack Obama said back in 2007. It is a factor.

Chris has a limited political vocabulary. Let me put it this way. He is not equipped to deal with the politics of race. But I am gathering a lot of facts from his article about race in Hollywood. It is not a pretty picture, and it needs to change. It is not just Ferguson. It is also Hollywood.