Berea College Died For Me During Five Minutes With Virgil Burnside

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I attended a high school in Kathmandu that was not designed for people like me. We Madhesis are almost 40% of Nepal, but not even 1% of the Nepal Army, less than 5% of the Nepal Police, of the Nepal bureaucracy. Had not the British given the southern plains to Nepal in two parcels in 1816 and 1860, we would have been part of India today, and since 1947. Bhutan does not have southern plains.

Budhanilkantha School is the national school of Nepal, and the ethnic composition of its student population was and is like the ethnic composition of the Nepal Army. The Terai faces internal colonization and that fact is reflected in all state machineries of the Nepali state.

We are the Indian origin people in Nepal. I am half Indian by birth. It is a sorry state a population as big, right next to the regional power India would be in some kind of a political blind spot.

I went through hell and high water to get to college in America. And I had a very happy freshman year. I got myself elected student body president within six months of landing as an international student in the Bible Belt Deep South. A few weeks into office, Berea College died for me during five minutes with Virgil Burnside.