2016: Open Racism, Open Sexism Season? In The Age Of Global, Social Media

There's the issue of the Democratic front runner being pilloried for a dead ambassador. Strictly speaking, it is sexist because it was the job of the Department Of Defense to protect, not the Secretary of State. No one is arguing the death was not tragic, it was gruesome, beyond the pale of imagination. I for one sure had not imagined an American ambassador could be killed.

And then there are all these stupid, racist comments Donald Trump has been making at the rate of one per week, which are very harmful. I believe his opening remark the day he announced he was running was a racist remark. Racist comments are his platform. I am not aware of any other aspect of his platform.

What do you think of this open racism and sexism? Used to be racism was insinuated. When Bush I ran the famed ads in 1988, there was this insinuation. But this election season is different. How does this all play out?

I believe at some point women across party lines are going to start connecting the dots. For the first time they might feel day to day sexism they might experience maybe is connected to a presidential campaign after all. And the right to vote picks up from there. And we all go home happy.

Donald Trump is on no one's radar in Mexico right now. Except maybe a billionaire or two, and that dude slapped The Donald hard and fast. Where it hurts: in the money department. But ordinary Mexicans still don't know Trump exists. Social media does not change human psychology. When people don't care, they don't care. But should he become the nominee, maybe he will get on the radar. And my bet is on the Mexicans when it comes to colorful language. The puss comes out and the wound heals. If you feel it, Donald, you might as well say it, but be prepared for the counter hashtags on Twitter. At some point even The Anonymous might decide to come after him. I mean, at this rate.

What happens in America does not stay in America, not in this age of social media.

When the Internet dawned upon Julia Roberts, she very quickly realized she is not that universally loved. There were all these trolls that came out of the wood works, best left ignored.