Why Stop At Bill Clinton!

Why stop at Bill Clinton, I'd like to also go ahead and blame Hillary Clinton for some of the things Boris Yeltsin might have done. I can't pit it down right now, but I am sure that guy did something or the other.

Jesus. Donald Trump will have you believe Hillary Clinton had lesbian sex with Monica Lewinsky. Kevin Spacey and his wife have sex with this dude aide, at the same time, but that was on Netflix. I guess we all have our sources of news and information, and enlightenment.

Trump's top weapon is Benghazi II. Facts-free sexism, completely unhinged from facts and logic. At least on Benghazi no one is accusing Hillary of having pulled the trigger. But give Trump some time. With Trump, many things are possible.

Note: it is the Department Of Defense (not State) that protects embassies. But I guess if you can name only one Obama cabinet member, you are going to be tempted to use your limited vocabulary.