The Pus That Is Donald's Racism/Sexism/Xenophobia

When Donald Trump went all the way to New Mexico to berate the top Latina in his party, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was being racist with a clinical precision. And it was a double whammy, because she is also a woman. He was able to be racist and sexist at the same time. And it worked. His poll numbers went up a little.

That sums up the next few months. This election will not be fought on policy, or ability to deliver. There is a cultural nationalism - if it can be called that - that is being peddled in the most naked way in the history of the republic. Granted it was always there, but now it is out in the open for all world to see. As I see it, it is bleeding pus. The Donald is bleeding out the pus. Hillary is going to heal the wound.

Racism, sexism and xenophobia have to be countered with clinical precision. That would be all.