Drone Drump

When you are battling Donald Trump, the problem child of American politics, you are not battling a person, a human being. What you are battling is The Devil himself. The Devil is a master of deception and subterfuge. The Devil commands the drone called Drump.

Some day perhaps The Donald will see the light and switch sides and escape the trip to Hell. Hell is a Trump Tower size pain and more. But until then you gotta battle The Drump.

There is an epidemic of Godlessness in America. Trump's rise so far is proof. Trump's political tactics are emotional distortions of a lost soul. There does not seem to be any shred of policy talk, or of legitimately competing political philosophies.

Drump is all about racism, sexism, xenophobia, and uncivil personal attacks. His "white nationalism" is not pride in language, culture, or heritage. It is rabid, naked racism. It does not even really include white women.

Racism is sin. Sexism is sin. Xenophobia is sin. America needs to build infrastructure in Mexico like it built infrastructure in Europe. Don't build a wall, build bridges, build roads, lay down train tracks.  

The Drump way will cause America to lose its number one status faster than anything. His support base is the chorus of losers.

America and the world stand at the cusp of the most exciting era in human history, but there are some clear choices to be made. 

(Photo below by Yours Truly, somewhere near the Queensboro Bridge)