The British Parliament Was Also Wrong About Hitler

Stamp of the Greater German Reich, depicting A...
Stamp of the Greater German Reich, depicting Adolf Hitler as the Führer of the Reich. The stamp's value is 42 Pfennig. Deutsch: Die Briefmarke des Grossdeutschen Reiches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For a decade the British parliament stayed in denial on Hitler. As long he does not directly attack Britain, he is fine, that was the thinking. Churchill was the lone voice who saw Hitler for who he was. It took some major catastrophes for the British parliament to finally start making sense on Hitler.

If the British parliament had woken up to Hitler years before it did, the world might have been able to skip a world war.

The car is the modern day horse carriage. Assad is a modern day Hitler. The guy has already slaughtered over 100,000 of his own people in less than a year.

The White House has to make a call on this one.

Wars are always ugly. You never have the best intelligence and the best resources. The timing is never right. You make mistakes along the way. Wars are expensive. They are almost always hard to get out of. But there are times when a war is the only just option and a just nation just has to make the plunge. Gandhi was alive at the time Hitler was alive. But I doubt Gandhi had a solution for Hitler.

There is the British parliament and then there is this thing called leadership.
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