Syria, Iran: Major Military Action Needed

English: SOCHI. With President of Syria Bashar...
English: SOCHI. With President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Русский: СОЧИ, БОЧАРОВ РУЧЕЙ. С Президентом Сирии Башаром Асадом. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For the president to ever have talked in terms of the "red line" itself was a mistake. That was like saying Assad could do everything upto using chemical weapons - like kill over 100,000 people, which he has - and there would be no consequences. That talk encouraged Assad. And the killings have gone on. And we have had Rwanda in slow motion on our hands.

John Maynard Keynes said, in the long run we are all dead. I am saying, in the long run every single country is a democracy. If you don't buy that, then my line of thinking will not make sense to you. Not only is every country a democracy in the long run, America as the oldest democracy plays an active, pivotal role to getting the world to that point. There is an obligation.

Iran's talk on Syria is a good thing. Russia's talk on Syria is a good thing. Iran pretty much did in 2009 what Syria is doing today. That country was utmost brutal to its own people. That is not a legitimate regime in Iran that you see.

An Israel that is capable of proactively attacking Iran is not an Israel America needs to worry about.

Both Iran and Russia are non democracies that do hold elections. Regime change in Syria, Iran and Russia has to be on the cards. For Russia it will be an after effect.

For now the call to be made is just enough aerial strikes to take down Assad's air capacities so as to tilt the balance of power in the rebels' favor. Assad gone is a weakened Iranian regime. It's time too will come.

Active regime changes in Syria and Iran might just be the thing the still sluggish US economy needs. After all, it was not the New Deal but World War II that finally got America out of the Great Depression. Muscular moves in the Middle East to birth democracies is what is good for the American economy. The stimulus of 2009 did not do the trick.

It is time for Barack Obama to show some leadership. History is on his side. We remember Abraham Lincoln for liberating people. Liberations are the best things a president can do to achieve greatness. Too bad wars are needed. But a just war - like the American Civil War - is all too justified. There is a clear case to be made. There is no abdicating responsibility.

Conduct a billion dollars worth of air strikes to weaken Assad. Let Iran throw a few missiles at Israel. Then rinse and repeat for Iran. Regime change in two countries for the price of one. Call Russias' bluff.
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