Single Payer System?

market-based solutions would not solve the country's problems with insurance costs and coverage

Bill Clinton calls Obamacare 'the craziest thing in the world' -

The media likes drama. They want a fight. So they focus on just the phrase.

Bill Clinton could not have taken the Republican position that the whole thing needs to be dismantled, should never have happened.

Perhaps the ACA was an expensive way to educate the country to tell them what you really need is single payer.

Bill Clinton goes way off message on ObamaCare | TheHill

Hillary Clinton and the White House struggled on Tuesday to explain Bill Clinton’s blistering critique of ­ObamaCare, which exposed divisions in the Democratic Party over the healthcare law.

The blunt criticism of ­ObamaCare comes in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s careful embrace of the law throughout the campaign. She describedthe Affordable Care Act earlier this year as “one of the greatest accomplishments” in the nation’s history, and frequently touts the law’s coverage gains in her stump speeches.

Bill Clinton’s calls for Medicare for all, also known as a “single-payer” system, echo some of the former first lady’s own comments, after she stepped to the left on healthcare during this year’s Democratic primaries. 

She has proposed big changes like a government-run public option as well as the power for Medicare to negotiate with drug companies. Democrats in Congress have also signaled a new push for the public option, with 33 senators signing on to legislation to create one.

“The change we need is not to wreck this thing and repeal it. It’s done too much good,” Clinton said. “The change we need is to create an affordable option for the small-business people and the working people who are not covered — that’s what the public option is about.”

Bill Clinton: 'I strongly supported' ObamaCare | TheHill