Russian, Chinese Stands On Syria: Great News

Russia's Putin Feeding Bashar Assad  Syrian's ...Russia's Putin Feeding Bashar Assad Syrian's Blood (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)For those who don't think Russia and China are just too big, and so there's no hope for democracy entering those domains, their wrong stands on Syria is an opportunity to expose them. Unless they come on board, Libya like military action is not possible, necessary but not possible. But there are so many other options.

There is always room for unilateral military action. Aerial bombardments are an option for NATO. America is not seeking Russian and Chinese approval for any possible military action on Iran. But there are several options before that. One is getting the Syrian opposition better organized. That is political work. And the opposition army in Syria could be provided help. So there is no global military action. But there is action on the ground by those who have rightfully defected from the Syrian Army.

Homs Is Benghazi

The best strategy on Russia and China is to engage them. Let them spell out all their arguments. The more they speak in support of a dictator the more they themselves get exposed. People in Russia are listening. People in China are listening. Syria is a great opportunity to expose the dictatorship in Russia. Russia is an example of how you can have elections and still not have democracy.

MSNBC: US drones monitoring clashes in Syria
In a show of support for Assad, China's vice foreign minister, Zhai Jun, arrived in Damascus after the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution telling the increasingly isolated president to halt the crackdown and surrender power.
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