Bihar: The NDA's Turn To Crack?

मोदी और नीतिश को एक दुसरे की जरुरत है
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Nitish + Laloo In Bihar
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लव वापसी, घर जिहाद और पहले आप पहले आप
गोरों का कॉपी ना करना क्यों कि दुर भविष्य दिखता नहीं
नरेन्द्र मोदी, बिहार और नीतिश कुमार
"They Don't Do Random"
अगर बिहार में बीजेपी हार जाती है
१५% और १०% में फर्क
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आल इंडिया मजलिस मुसलमान
एकीकृत जनता पार्टी का नेत्तृत्व नीतिश को ही करना चाहिए
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दलितों के पास दो रास्ता
The Next Chief Minister Of Bihar?
Nitish In Election Mode

From the Laloo-Nitish in-fighting showing signs of a 2/3rd sweep by the NDA, to a Laloo-Nitish patch-up but the NDA still holding a 55-45 edge, to a 55-45 edge for Nitish after the Bihar@2025 clarity, now looks like it is the NDA's turn to split and possibly make way for a 2/3rd sweep across the state by Nitish. This has been quite a turnaround. But this is Bihar, give it more time. The ground situation will stay colorful. Right now, as things stand, I think it is 65-35 in favor of Nitish.

Looks like Pappu has become persona non grata, with both camps thinking it best to keep away from him in fear he might spoil their good law and order image. And if Paswan and Jitan are going to clash like this, whatever little advantage Jitan brings along with him for the BJP will evaporate.

BJP's ally declares its chief Upendra Kushwaha as CM candidate in Bihar
In the caste-ridden politics of the state, there are over half a dozen BJP leaders from the upper castes and the backward castes who have staked their claim for being nominated as the chief ministerial candidate.
LJP to oppose 5 HAM candidates in Bihar Assembly polls
In a fissure within the NDA camp, the LJP on Sunday vowed to oppose five present and former MLAs associated with former Bihar CM Jitan Ram Manjhi's Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) in Assembly polls notwithstanding its decision to welcome Manjhi's outfit in the BJP-led coalition. ...... "We will put up our candidates against these five present and former MLAs as some of them had deserted the LJP in the past, while in case of others (rest) our candidates had lost by a narrow margin in the 2010 Assembly polls"
Bihar Polls: Cracks appear in NDA
Paras said that he had already apprised senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi of its decision to oppose the five HAM (Secular) leaders in the coming election for backstabbing and deserting the LJP after February 2005, Assembly poll in Bihar.