मोदी और नीतिश को एक दुसरे की जरुरत है

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Português: O primeiro-ministro da Índia Atal Bihari Vajpayee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Modi wants to talk all development all the time. उसका एक कारण ये है कि he is a very mainstream, center of the road kind of guy on social issues. He is where you want him to be. But he is aware of the fringe elements in his own party, the extreme right wing types who are out and out bizarre, but if America is any lesson, those fringe elements have a right to free speech as much as anyone else, and they are here to stay. You can not shut them up, but you can try and drown them out. And that is why he tries to talk all development all the time. He wants the development talk to drown out the talk of the fringe elements.

Nitish actually has the luxury of talking back to those fringe elements. Modi does not have that luxury. So on social issues Nitish can help Modi. मोदी और नीतिश को एक दुसरे की जरुरत है। Modi and Nitish are not in the same party, but they are on the same side on social issues. That is also true about the political issues of democracy. Modi campaigned hard against Kejriwal as he should have, but once Kejriwal won, he reached out and wants to work with him. But there are elements within the BJP who want to harass Kejriwal. That is not Modi. Modi wants to respect the people. If the people want Kejriwal in Delhi and Mamata in Kolkata, Modi is going to respect the people. दल से बड़ा देश।

When FDR was in the White House, he would gather the labor leaders and say, build pressure on me so I can do the right thing. People like Nitish can build that right kind of social pressure so the fringe elements on the right end of the political spectrum don't get in the way of India seeing its best days ahead.

Both Nitish and Modi are disciples of Atal.