The Trump's Trump Card

Remember when Condoleezza Rice got confused between Iraq and Iran on national television? To her credit (god bless her soul), she corrected herself before the sentence was over. But there are about 50 million Republicans who never did. And these are all people with voting rights. I worry for democracy in America.

Donald Trump entering the race is like the fox has entered the hen house. There was already a dearth of ideas among Republican candidates. Now this dude is going to suck up the remaining little oxygen. It is not possible to hold an intelligent policy conversation with this guy. Did you notice what he said about Mexicans? He sounds like Hillary 2016's Hispanic vote consolidation exercise, Hillary's own internal Hispanic voter outreach program.

"I beat the Chinese all the time!"
- Donald Trump

This quote is going to be the high point of his run. And he thinks he is beating the Chinese "all the time" because "I just sold an apartment to somebody from China." Is there something about the apartment the buyer needed to know? I defend the Donald's right to free speech. What would America be without a few microphones?

For every nonsensical remark you think Trump is making, there are about a million people out there who are lapping it up like it were gospel truth. Do not take this guy for granted. I am saying that to the Republicans in the race.

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