UN Military Action For Democracy: Precision Needed: Syria Is Hurting

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in YerevanImage by PanARMENIAN_Photo via FlickrWhat has been going on in Syria has been breaking my heart. It is like these bastards who run the country have basically decided they will stop at nothing.

There is an urgent need for a Libya repeat.

I am not saying the US needs to get involved in a fourth war. Libya is not war. Aerial military action is not war. It is more like police action.

We have to learn from Libya. The lesson from Libya is it is basically fruitless to just target the peddlers in the streets and let the big druglords go.

The NATO powers need to read that UN resolution a little more closely. NATO has been authorized to stop the brutality upon unarmed civilians. But that has continued unabated. And so NATO has to take out the command and control apparatus at Gaddafi's disposal.

The best way to do this is by taking the top guy out. We experimented in Libya. Now we have to revise our operations in Libya, and we have to do it right in Syria.

You freeze all foreign assets of all members of the regime. You issue interpol orders for their arrests. You get a UN resolution passed. You demand that all violent action against peaceful protesters cease. And if the guy does not comply, you take the top guy out through surgical aerial strikes. If it takes more than a week, you are not doing it right.

Some people are like oh no, you get rid of the dictator and there is going to be chaos. Chaos is now. Chaos is that hundreds of innocent civilians have been butchered, and there seems to be no end in sight.

The people in Syria are not lesser people. If people in Libya deserve protection so do the people in Syria.

Democracy wins in Syria and that is bad news for the mullahs in Iran. Because, ultimately, it is about Iran.

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