Tough, Challenging Roles For Amitabh

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ह्रदय सम्राट अमिताभ
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I feel like Amitabh has not been challenged enough yet. I have some suggestions as to roles for him.
  • There is a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I believe, The General In His Labyrinth. It is a wonderful story of power. I think Amitabh should play this role. And it should be produced in English, with Hindi subtitles for the audience at home. Usi bahane log English bhi sikh le, Modi ko madat ho jayegi. Amitabh deserves a global hit, Amitabh deserves to play a lead role in a movie that hits the mainstream theaters across a country like America. This role would be perfect for him. It would be an Oscar contender. Best Actor award abhi, Lifetime Achievement Award 20 baras baad. Ye jo blog par likhte hain London mein sadak par ghuma, wo din khatam ho jayenge. London mein bhi mobbing shuru. Enjoy your anonymity while it lasts. Soundtrack compelling hona chahiye. Tobey Maguire ko ek role do usmein. Perhaps also Salma Hayek
  • A movie called Bhishm. The ever fresh story of Mahabharata told as through Bhishm's perspective. The movie obviously ends when Bhishm dies. This can be in Hindi with English subtitles. For a global release. Maybe it should not be the old Bhishm story. It should be Bhishm in a 21st century setting. A complete modern interpretation. Today's plot, today's technology, today's venues. 
  • Dawood Ibrahim in old age. Yes, t-h-a-t Dawood. You will need another actor to play the young as well as current Dawood. Amitabh se chehra kista milta julta hai? Maybe Shahrukh can play the younger Dawood. A modern Shakti. Ek hi film mein Shahrukh aur Amitabh
  • A biopic on Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal. Sometimes you need a small political stage that a small country provides to appreciate the political skills of a political player. Here Salman or Aamir could play the young Jung Bahadur. 
  • Black II 
  • Kaante II 
  • A modern interpretation of the love story around Taj Mahal 
  • A Bollywood interpretation of the New York City underworld. Shot in NYC. English subtitles, global release. Hindi ko UN language banana hai
  • A Mumbai Police Commissioner who plays both sides, a really complex character who does genuinely good things, and obviously bad things, and is unhappy at home. 
  • A NRI tycoon in Africa who befalls really tough times brought about by a regime change. Idi Amin. 
  • A huge multinational's CEO who is struggling to hand over the reigns of his business empire. The film does not have a clear conclusion. NRI. 
  • A man's losing battle with Alzheimer's. 
  • An old man who opts for assisted suicide. The entire movie is vexation. 
  • A Pathan's family story as lived through the partition. Broad theme: India-Pakistan tensions as lived today. Telling both sides of the story. Possibly helping heal rough edges. Both sides have their stories, both sides are right in their own ways. You end up sympathetic to both sides by the time the movie ends. It feels like we are one people after all, torn apart by the British. 
  • An ugly Indian General in Kashmir. 
  • An ugly Indian General in the Northeast. 
  • The story of an adoption. With Amitabh as the adopting father. 
  • Prabhakaran's spiritual Guru and political mentor and chief ideologue. No such person existed, but I guess that is why we will call it fiction. The backdrop gives you all the violence. 
  • A Latin American drug lord who survives longer than any other precisely because he has mastered the art of living in the jungle. Ends up his motivation is not money. Drug lords much younger than him fall like flies left and right. There are huge myths around him. His organization uses the latest in technology, but his lifestyle makes electronic eavesdropping impossible. The story is told through the eyes of a reporter who struggles to get to interview him. The reporter is Anushka Sharma. When she finally meets him, he is seen living like maybe he is a shaman. But, make no mistake, he is the deadliest drug lord in the world. The movie is in English, with Hindi subtitles. Another Oscar contender. India is the largest English speaking country in the world. Main foreign ki baat thode kar raha hoon? The interview itself is like she is not talking to a real person, but a shadow. There are multiple sittings, several of which are attended not by Amitabh but his body doubles. The reporter can't tell. A few times the interview is conducted in the dark where the reporter does not get to see Amitabh only hear him. One of those times, he is not even there, he is talking through a walkie talkie. Ye Amazon ke ghane jungle mein rahte hain. He has detailed knowledge of herbs and ancient medicine. Anushka ke ek ghao ko thik kar deta hai. In a magically short time. He hints herbs keep him young at an old age. Usko emotional counselling bhi deta hai. She was so not expecting that. By the time she is done, she feels like she just interviewed someone who is perhaps as powerful as the President Of The United States. He is the POTUS' alter ego. He is the only person in the world who can claim he in engaged in a personality clash with the POTUS. He sits on top of an equally sophisticated power structure, perhaps more nimble. And because he has no democratic/electoral/public constraints, he is in some ways more powerful. He has global operations. One of his minions is head of state on some island in the Pacific. That much is known. All his political links are not known. His body doubles attend tribal celebrations in far flung areas of the Amazon. They get killed at the rate of one every few years. That adds to the myth. The weirdest part is, the guy does not even have a bank account. It is hard to understand as to why people around him obey him at all. Nobody knows anything about his family, if he has one, who they are. Nobody knows who his top people are. He does not spend two nights in one location. When he travels, he sleeps during the day, and travels through the night. As do his body doubles. He was born part Indian, part Brazilian, and spent the first few years of his life in Trinidad. He was on nobody's radar until he became really big. The POTUS is constantly trying to kill him. The orders inside his organization are, should the POTUS succeed, an attempt is to be made on the POTUS' life. Very possibly a successful attempt. After he has retired and is an easier target. And the body doubles are to keep filling up until that mission is accomplished. 
  • A love story. A man with multiple wives and many children living in a commune of their own. And a business empire he built. The business is software and herbal medicine. The group dynamics inside the company is very unconventional and very cutting edge. It is a woman's world inside the company's power structure. There is collective leadership. 
  • An ageing hereditary Mukhiya, long retired, who makes you empathize with him and his old ways, and have second thoughts about "modern" political processes, institutions and players. He still holds court in his village while holding no official title of power. A local MLA accused of a crime is tried in this "court." It is a one sitting session. Ends up he is not guilty of the accusation. But he was framed because he is a Dalit. The accusation is rape. You see the full glare of the political art of demonization. Until the very end you feel like maybe he is guilty.  
  • The story of a tribal student attending a cutting edge modern high school with his patron (Amitabh) in the backdrop who plucked him out of his village on one his trips. The student is academically gifted but the focus of the story is on his social travails of being a tribal and the emotional suffering that goes with it, the social exclusion. There is very little Amitabh can do except empathize. He creates situations where he is also made to go through situations that are similar. Only once or twice he intervenes to straighten things out. But mostly he just empathizes. 
  • The father of a woman who challenges patriarchy in work and life. Setting: urban India. Towards the end she realizes he understood all along, and was always with her, not just in love and empathy but also in understanding powered by the love. He understood all her complex situations. That amazes her because he has no corporate experience whatsoever. Modern settings, et al. The daughter is Deepika Padukone
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