Amitabh Should Do A Movie With Anushka

बीरू -- एक लव स्टोरी हो जाये --- age is just a number.

Plot suggestion -------- Amitabh is a 50 year old self made billionaire who has not been in a relationship for over a decade. He is a workaholic, also he is very particular when it comes to women, if he is not into you, he is not into you. It is not like friends did not try to set him up, leading to comic situations: to him it is a game where he enjoys deflecting. And then he meets her. She is 30, and extremely unconventional. An artist who does not care two hoots about money. When she first meets her, she has no idea who he is. She has to look him up online. Later. But what she falls for is he is just as unconventional, in his workspace as well as his personal space. The movie explores that overlap, that outlook, that worldview that both share.

There are ups and downs, and a near going back by Anushka to a former boyfriend, but then the two - Amitabh and Anushka end up in a live in situation, where the movie ends. And Amitabh's work takes wings, he starts scaling new heights. This was something he had not expected. What he likes is that she treats both his career and her career with equal respect. Just because she is an artist making much, much less is immaterial to her. As she sees it, they are both doing creative work. And precisely because she has this monk attitude, she takes to the high life like duck to water. She is fully in it, but still unattached, and she would walk away from him if the relationship did not feel right, which she once almost did.

उसको बाद एक मारधाड़ हो जाये --- आप गुंडों की खूब पिटाई करबाओ। खुद नहीं पीटो। Powerful people don't beat up themselves. They have people who do it for them. Next film after the love story. Back and forth होना चाहिए थोड़ा। कभी love story, कभी action.

Happy Birthday Amitabh Bachchan
ह्रदय सम्राट अमिताभ
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