I Am Angry At Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews at presidential debate in Dearb...Image via Wikipedia
Chris Matthews Repeated The Lie That Reshma Is Wall Street's Candidate
Reshma Saujani And The Chris Matthews Band

The rage I have been feeling at Chris Matthews is the same rage I felt at Tim Russert - Rest In Peace - back in Fall 2007.

Tim Russert: Bill O'Reilly's Lower Case Cousin
Tim Russert Measures Up

People like Chris Matthews don't make history. These talking mouths on TV are only a little different from the weathermen on TV. If they are lucky, they get to report on history in the making. People like Reshma Saujani make history.

Chris Matthews had an opportunity to witness history a few days back, and he blew it.

Bloomberg Video: Saujani Sees Private Sector Jobs Crucial To Recovery

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