A 1,000 Phone Calls For Reshma Challenge: An Open Letter To Aaron

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Hello Aaron.

I so enjoyed making the 100 phone calls when I dropped by Tuesday evening, (A Few Hours At The Reshma 2010 Headquarters) I want to take this experience to a whole new level. I want to show up Sunday and see if I can do 1,000 phone calls for the day.

You do the same thing you did for me on Tuesday. You sit me in front of a computer with the Voter List software. You give me a fully charged MetroPCS phone. And if the battery drains out on one, you keep a second fully charged MetroPCS phone handy. You give me 2-3 bottles of vitamin water.

And once I hit that magic number of 1,000 phone calls made, you show up at my table with a bottle of vitamin water: my reward.

If I as a volunteer showing up one day a week can do 1,000 phone calls, the full time staffers should be able to do 2,000 phone calls per week for a total of 20,000 phone calls in a week. And I think we should get into a habit of leaving voice mails when people don't answer: "This was a call from Reshma for Congress." Her first name is her political brand name. One word is enough. We will g-i-v-e her the name recognition Maloney has, one call/voice mail at a time.

And every volunteer who does 1,000 phone calls in one day needs to be rewarded: you show up at their table with a bottle of vitamin water. And maybe you send them a thank you tweet later.

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