Reshma's Momentum: 70% Vs. 7%, 24,000 Vs. 8,000 Signatures, $2 Vs. $1.2 Million

These numbers tell me the gap is narrowing and fast. Carolyn Maloney has reason to be scared. Reshma has two months to wipe out the small lead Maloney is left with by now. That is ample time.

In May the Maloney camp did an internal polling. They claimed Maloney stood at 70% and Reshma at 7%. I got the impression they called up people who had made campaign contributions to Maloney.

More recently both candidates submitted petition signatures. The 10:1 ratio had evaporated in a matter of weeks. It was now down to 3:1. Maloney's 24,000 signatures to Reshma's 8,000 signatures.

But then look at the money. Reshma so far has raised $1.2 million. I think by now we are looking at a 2:1 ratio. If from May to mid July Reshma can move a 10:1 ratio to a 2:1 ratio, she has two more months.

These numbers are before the debates. These numbers are with the name recognition that a 18 year incumbent has. These numbers are when Reshma is still largely unknown.

But the momentum is there, sure and certain. The numbers speak for themselves. The gap has been narrowing fast. And I am using publicly available numbers.

The longer Maloney takes to agree to debates, larger will be the national media's interest in Reshma. She has already been on Hardball. She has already been on Bloomberg TV. She has been on the front page of The Washington Post. We want the debates for the media coverage. Looks to me like Maloney's refusal to debate is also earning us all that extra coverage. People in the media are wondering, why is Maloney running scared? Who is this Reshma person that Maloney is so scared of? Why is everyone talking about this race?
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