Ed Koch And Carolyn Maloney: Bush Democrats

Panchatantra The Story of The Blue Jackal
One day when the blue jackal was holding court, he heard a gang of jackals howling. Thrilled by the sound of his own ilk, Kakudruma began loudly responding in his natural voice. The lions and other animals immediately recognized that their king was after all a jackal and not a Godsend.
I have been saying at this blog time and again that the essence of Maloney is that she is not a blue jackal, I mean she is a Bush Democrat. And today she proves me true. She howls.

Rep. Maloney gets Koch's blessing‎ - The Hill (blog) Koch.. backed George W. Bush’s reelection in 2004
Koch: I'm voting for Bush
Patriot Act Divides Maloney From Saujani | That's My Congress
Revisiting McCarthyism in the Patriot Act Era : NPR

Maloney voted for the Patriot Act that turned the entire country into one big Arizona. That was Maloney showing apartheid tendencies.

Maloney Is Too Ordinary To Be Representing District 14

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