Carolyn Maloney's Six Sins

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Carolyn Maloney needs to take responsibility for:
Wall Street has now been reformed. But what about Congress? Has work on Congress reform started yet? You can argue it was the Republicans running the show until 2006 November when finally the tide turned. But Maloney had been riding the tide even before that. Before that she had been a Bush Democrat. She voted for the Iraq War - a trillion dollar mistake; now you know why there is a big hole in the budget - and she voted for the Patriot Act that resulted in much racial harassment across the country. And you thought Arizona was bad. The Patriot Act turned the entire country into one big Arizona and Maloney signed up for it, big time. 

Congress made BP bad behavior possible. Congress made Wall Street bad behavior possible. 

Carolyn Maloney has been in Congress 18 years. She gets to take her share of responsibility. If she owns BP stocks and she voted the way BP wanted her to vote in the early 2000s, she gets to take responsibility for the Oil Spill. She passed the deregulation that we all paid for a decade later. 2009 started happening in 1999. 

Carolyn Maloney gets to take responsibility.  
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