In South Africa They Had Apartheid, In America They Got Immigration

June 3 Immigration Court Date

America is a country of immigrants. Even the Native Americans crossed the landmass into Alaska back in the days. Expressing hostility towards immigrants in America is like saying you might be at McDonald's but you don't get to order a quick sandwich.

Race is America's original sin. Only now finally there is a black man in the White House. (Jupiter And Obama) The anti-immigration people are racists. You can draw a line that threads up slavery and segregation and anti-immigrant hostility. The emotional content is the same in each case. Hatred might be in your heart, but you don't get to translate that into policy. Policy is in the public domain.

America is not a landmass. It is an idea. That idea is democracy. Until we as a planet become fully democratic, until we have managed to create decent living standards everywhere, America is going to have to allow a steady flow of immigrants. Granted there is a smart way to do it, but saying no is not an option. That is off the table.

The American economy fundamentally owes its number one position to immigrants, and that is true at both high and low ends. Say thank you to those who put food on your tables.

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