The Donald Is Plenty Smart

Never for one second think Donald Trump is stupid. He did not become a billionaire without doing some strategic thinking on the side. He is smart, that is precisely why he picked the party of stupid. He knows it will be easier to shine.

Only a few years back The Donald hosted Gaddafi on his property, but we are not going to talk about that. I would not want to hurt him politically.

All that Climate Change denying the Republicans did over the years, all that is now going to come to haunt them.

And to think The Donald used to be an Independent, then he realized all the fun that is to be had is in the Republican Party. Just you watch!

I don't know how The Donald feels about the Democrats in the race, but I happen to think they are too wonky! Nerds! Too many words. Too many books. Not enough pictures.

I think the 2016 race is going to be memorable, and The Trump is one of the reasons why. His out of the box hair is, quite literally, symbolic of his out of the box thinking. Republicans in Alabama don't know what just hit them.

No one is going to complain about there being too many debates. The refrain might be, not enough debates! There is sooooo much to talk about. The country's future is at stake, for Chrissake!

Donald Trump is a serious dude who just happens to have a sense of humor. Some people mistake his sense of humor and don't take him seriously.

Memo to Dems: The Donald is a gift that keeps giving.

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