I Take This Threat Very Seriously

ABC News: Barack Obama's Grandmother Threatened By Al Qaeda: the 88-year-old seemed unconcered about the threat and told ABC News she didn't mind the extra security.

What the issuance of this threat means.

That the Al Qaeda is well and alive. It is actively plotting. It would love to have a symbolic target specifically against the President Of The United States. It is not just about the grandmother. It is also about cousins.
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The Pakistani ISI blowing up the cover on the CIA station chief in Pakistan confirms my suspicions that there are powerful elements within the ISI who were actively involved with providing Bin Laden a safe sanctuary. Not even the Pakistani government knows who these people are. These might be the very same people who got Benazir Bhutto killed.

The Al Qaeda does out of the box thinking. 9/11 was an ultimate act of out of the box thinking. Now what the Al Qaeda is saying is forget buildings, forget trains, we are now going to target high profile individuals. Well, they already did. They started with Benazir Bhutto.

I think Barack Obama's grandmother should be brought to America. The Kenyan police might not be equipped to provide safety. The Al Qaeda can not be allowed any symbolic victory. And they are going to keep trying for years. Now is exactly the wrong time to go easy on them. The right thing to do is to hunt down the other bastards as well. There's a whole list of them.

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