Bin Laden: Dead

Bin ladenImage via WikipediaI got the news from a friend earlier today. I skimmed the headlines at a nearby store. I read one or two articles in the New York Post. I have yet to read on the details of the actual operation, something I am very interested in.

This confirms my hunch. I never thought he was in a cave. I thought he was either in Iran or, if he is in Pakistan, he is in Karachi. Ends up he was near Islamabad. In a safe house. I knew he was in some kind of an urban safe house.

The Shining Path dude in Peru was similarly in a "safe house" in the capital city. What ends up happening with people like Bin Laden and that Shining Path dude is they end up with ridiculous amounts of money, and they end up with expensive habits. They end up needing what they call a "safe house."

Prachanda of Nepal was in a safe house in Delhi when they were looking for him in the jungles of Nepal.

This looks really good on my guy Barack Obama. He delivered. My man.
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