Reshma Saujani: Top 10 Women To Watch In America

Image of Reshma Saujani from Facebook

I think it is remarkable that Reshma Saujani is on this list: Reshma Saujani Makes Top 10 List.

This is not just a list of Democrats, there are Republicans on the list. This is not just a list of people running for public office either, although most are. And this is no regional list. Call me an ignorant male, but I did not recognize any other name on the list. Or maybe I am not that ignorant. This is not a list of people who are big today but will be big tomorrow.

I would not be surprised if her Netroots Nation appearance played a small role in getting her on the list. (Reshma Saujani At The Netroots Nation) The list was put together by a blogger, I believe. It is possible the blogger saw her in action in Vegas and then dug up background information on her and got impressed.

I hear she was sitting on a panel next to the brother to the Founding Father of netroots in America: Howard Dean's brother Jimmy Dean.

Reshma 2010 has echoes of Obama 08 for me, although I am clearly biased as one of Barack's earliest people in the city, and one of Reshma's staunchest supporters. Let's start with their names. They rhyme: Obama, Reshma.

Obama 08 did not take any PAC money. Reshma 2010 is not taking any PAC money. (Barack Obama: The NRA's Candidate)

Obama 08 put a major emphasis on field organizing. Reshma 2010 has been doing the same and has been making remarkable strides, "street by street, block by block." This is urban warfare.

Obama went to two top schools. Reshma went to three top schools.

Obama's fundraising made Hillary 08 nervous. Reshma's fundraising on behalf of Hillary 08 made Obama 08 nervous. (There Is An Albert Einstein On The Obama Campaign Staff)

Obama's style rested on positivity. Reshma's style is excellence.

Obama has done as much for race relations as anyone in history, but he has done so without holding talk marathons on race. Instead he will go ahead and pump billions into inner city schools. Reshma will contribute to gender in similar ways. Major strides will be made, big things will get done, and it will all feel normal. But there might not be big, specific talks on gender. Reshma Saujani is the embodiment of the New Woman.

Reshma Saujani is The New Woman.
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