Priyanka Chopra, Racism, Sexism, America, India

Binge watching Quantico is on my to do list. I binge watched Kevin Spacey and Amitabh Bachchan, and it was a great experience. I also have binge watched the show 24. It is my impression Quantico is along the lines of 24. But Priyanka Chopra is all over the media. I have noticed for months now. She is on the cover of magazines. There are videos of her making appearances on American TV all over YouTube. She was the most googled after Leonardo DiCaprio at the last Oscars. That is a powerful metric. What you have to note there is that Priyanka met Leo while she is on the way up and Leo is on the way down. Dwayne Johnson is the top paid actor in Hollywood? Not for long if Priyanka has her way.

She is a first. No Hollywood actor has ever eased into Bollywood. No Bollywood actor has ever eased into Hollywood like she has. The world is her oyster. Pun intended. For her mother seems to suggest PC is all into oysters. There are pictures on her Instagram of her ordering oysters in many parts of the world.

What rankles though is the media treatment. The tablet that God handed over to Moses on the mountain was also meant for the media. Take note.

The glaring racism and sexism is so in your face. For example, there is one dumb white male, and two young black women, all into fat shaming PC. That is a pattern. You connect the dots and you see there is some Roger Ailes type fatso somewhere in the background pulling the strings. When you deliver the racist, sexist message through a black woman, then maybe it is not racist and sexist, that is the thinking.

Many working class Americans work two jobs. That is not lazy. An average American is fat. But that is not about people being lazy. The average American is fat for the same reason something as gigantic as the Pacific is choking with plastic. The American Big Pharma has managed to kill half the gut bacteria in American tummies. That is the top reason why the average American is fat. It is chaos.

Bollywood is not the Indian version of Hollywood any more than the thali is the Indian version of the hamburger.

The family in America is weak precisely because Americans do not worship Lord Rama, the first human incarnation of the Holy Father. Rama created the family, and established justice is above wealth, knowledge, power. Lord Krishna created the modern state and laid out the rules for use of force to uphold justice. Lord Jesus built the bridge to heaven, and created the person on earth, the person of the one person one vote democracy, the basic unit of the modern economy. India could not become a modern state and economy unless it opens up its heart to Jesus.