Laila Main Laila: Amazing Videography

This is amazing two and a half minutes of video. This song has been done so well from so many different angles.

Obviously this is the famous Qurbani song. Bollywood was "revealing" even back then. In fact Arab belly dancing goes back hundreds of years.

I chanced upon this video yesterday and watched it so many times. The day before that I watched the Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya video numerous times.

The song is beautifully done. Sunny Leone is an apt pick. The crowd reminded me of the Jumma Chumma song, but this actually is done better, because in the Jumma Chumma song the crowd is like wallpaper, Amitabh so dominates.

King Khan has managed to strike just the right balance. There is no mistaking who the song revolves around. But the crowd appears to be very much part of the action. Har Koi Chahe Mujhse part comes alive on the screen.

Sunny has done a fabulous job. I just watched her on the Kapil Sharma Show yesterday on YouTube.
Look at the camera work. In the very beginning when the video becomes a photograph but the music continues, it feels like you are on a slippery slope. And the sound of the gunshot feels so part of the song. King Khan makes total claim to the song those few seconds even while giving almost all screen time to Sunny whose secret to beauty is her confidence. She is indeed very beautiful.

Both Katrina Kaif and Sunny Leone have come to work in Mumbai from the west like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have gone west without leaving Mumbai.

Indian women are conquering the world. About time.

The dance choreography is mind boggling. It is a perfect blend of the song you hear, made more powerful because it is an old classic, and the graceful moves, powerful for being simple. But the magic is in the grace.