World Government And Federal States

Does The World Government Have To Await A Total Spread Of Democracy?

The concept of federalism is inseparable from the concept of democracy. And democracy is where sovereignty rests with the people. National borders have changed throughout history. The borders of today are not sacrosanct. We have 200 countries today. We might end up with 500. What the heck!

Federalism means each member state in a country has a right to self determination. The state assembly, through majority vote, could decide to go for a referendum. And through a majority vote in that referendum, that state could then become a separate country, a new member of the world government.

This mechanism will keep pressure on countries to create inclusive state apparatuses.

There are advantages to political and economic unions. Independent countries might similarly opt to join another country as a new state. Why not? If the sovereignty rests with the people.

As long as the processes are democratic and nonviolent, the right to self determination is a fundamental human right. It is like free speech.