The Economist's Coverage Of Modi Anniversary: Poor

English: 1937 Deng Xiaoping in NRA uniform. 19...
English: 1937 Deng Xiaoping in NRA uniform. 1937年,任八路军总部政治部副主任的邓小平。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bill Clinton ended up giving America the longest peacetime economic expansion in history. Were people able to see that coming in year 1? In year 2? In year 3? No. Some things take time.

Frankly, part of The Economist's coverage is patronizing. Perhaps the London newspaper has a colonial hangover.

Look, I was not even rooting for Modi in the 2014 election, and you can check this blog's archives. Although I did not blame him for the 2002 riots (got to respect the Supreme Court) and I liked his work as Gujrat Chief Minister a lot. I came to him late. But I have come to him strong.

This guy is Deng Xiaoping. Manmohan Singh started economic reforms in India. But he did not have the political skills or stature that Modi has.

This guy's hero is Lee Kuan Yew, and for good reason.