Barack Obama Africa Foundation

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have no advice for how Hillary should run for president, but I do have advice on how Barack Obama could retire. I think he should launch, wait. There was speculation somewhere that he could become Supreme Court Justice. I don't believe that rumor. There was a similar rumor in Bill Clinton's final year in office. So I don't believe. But I would like to believe. I think Barack Obama becoming Supreme Court Justice would be awesome, for the black community. The constant reminder that this dude was in the White House might impact an entire generation. Heck, he might even become Chief Justice some day.

But he should do what would make him happy. And, perhaps, just like Billie Clinton, Barack Obama is a little too kinetic to sit on the Supreme Court.

My advice is, he should launch a Barack Obama Africa Foundation. Africa is the last continent. There is still so much political chaos on that continent. Much of the poverty and disease emanates from that chaos. As a former POTUS he might have both the stature and the distance to be able to bring people together. The foundation would be dedicated to (1) a total spread of democracy on the continent through peaceful means, (2) strengthening of democracies, (3) rooting out corruption, (4) attracting large scale FDI into the emerging economies, and to (5) eventually bring about an economic union of the continent.

That is my advice for Barack Obama.

I said very early on, the best thing Barack Obama can do as president for the black people, is to do the very best he can do as president. Just do your job. Now I am saying, in retirement he should perhaps consider giving himself fully to the continent of Africa.