Immigration As FDI

English: Foreign direct investment incoming in...
English: Foreign direct investment incoming in Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is even more true of America. If there were zero immigration, the American economy would stagnate. The American economy needs a nonstop supply of new immigrants to stay vibrant. But the immigration debate has been poisoned by racists who defy all logic to try and turn new immigrants into scapegoats.

What have the immigrants ever done for us?
between 1995 and 2011 the migrants made a positive contribution of more than £4 billion ($6.4 billion) to Britain, compared with an overall negative contribution of £591 billion for native Britons. ...... it is likely that many recent migrants will return home, to enjoy their less productive later years—when they may cost the state more in terms of health care, for instance. They also argue that the youth of many recent arrivals means that they are at the beginning of their careers—and may be underemployed because of a lack of language skills, for example—so have not yet reached their full economic potential. The contributions of those who stay in Britain may well increase. It is a new form of foreign direct investment.