Modi, 15 Years, $18 Trillion Indian GDP

Nehru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If India's GDP stands at $6.3 trillion today, and any growth rate below 10% is a failing grade from me to Modi, and assuming he is Prime Minister for 15 years, at a 10% growth rate the GDP would double every seven years, which means the Indian GDP should stand at $18 trillion by the time Modi is done. Anything less and I will label him a failure.

At 18 trillion India will still be number three. China and the US will not stay stagnant.

If he is Prime Minister for 15 years, he will be to the BJP what Jawaharlal Nehru is to the Congress' imagination.

I think one challenge for Modi is to rope in Nitish Kumar. It is tricky political challenge. But now the onus is on Modi since he is the winner.

UPA-II wasted Laloo by not retaining him at the head of Railways. The Modi Sarkar might go on to waste Nitish if Nitish does not make a comeback as Chief Minister of Bihar.

Modi in Delhi and Nitish in Patna would be the best possible combo. Both could do 15 more years. What is Modi's weakness is Nitish' strength, and it is to do with the human development index part of development. Modi is good for business, but the Gujrat story tells us human development has not been his forte.

Sushil Modi could not what Nitish has done in Bihar. Maybe Narendra Modi should take the lead, and Sushil Modi and Nitish Kumar should meet and talk, and find a way to revive the alliance. That would mean double digit growth rates for India, high double digit growth rates for Bihar, and of course a Special Category Status for Bihar and Orissa.

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