America And Europe Need To Learn From Japan

One of a number of posters created by the Econ...Image via WikipediaAmerica and Europe have been going through for two years what Japan has been going through for two decades, and so far America and Europe have been trying the same remedies that have not worked to get Japan out of its flunk.

For one there are no domestic remedies. America alone can not do it. Europe alone can not do it. Japan alone can not do it. The three economic giants of the past half century - America, Europe and Japan - have to come together and launch a global "Marshall Plan" and that is the only way out of this flunk. They should put together a trillion dollars each and create a pot of three trillion dollars. The biggest chunk of this money should go to connect every human being on the planet to broadband. This is Barack Obama's option to go to the moon.

We lack the data for the biggest problems in the world today.
  1. A three trillion dollar global "Marshall Plan" to last a decade.
  2. Universal broadband it's key component.
  3. Other infrastructure projects.
  4. A new global financial architecture.
  5. Universal education, health and credit.
The Mini Me Stimulus Bill Lacks Imagination
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