Bold, Drastic Action Necessary

2005 map of Worldwide Governance Indicators, w...Image via WikipediaThe Stimulus Bill Was Messed Up
Three Million Jobs
Global New Deal Needed
A Second Stimulus Bill Needed

The governments in America and Europe have to together come up with a two trillion dollar fund. A big chunk of that money has to go to connect every human being to high speed internet access. It will pay for itself. Down the line the infrastructure thus built would gradually be sold off to the private sector. Money thus received would pay for the expenses now. I foresee profits.

This has to be completed in one to two years.

The second step would be to lay down a new architecture for global finance. This is hard for Americans to do because that might involve bringing to an end the dollar's special place in the world.

There has to be a massive push for democracy. A universal spread of democracy could be brought about in a few swift years. Once that happens rule of law between nations can then be imagined. Once rule of law between nations has been established, America could bring down its defense spending from 600 billion dollars annually to a more manageable 100 billion dollars. America can not think of a better cost cutting plan.

The US Military Budget Needs To Come Down To 100 Billion From 600

And there is a need for massive jobs programs.

Three Million Jobs
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