First Debate August 26, Thank You Baruch College

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Baruch Debate Invite -- Maloney

I predicted only a few days back here at this blog that now I see a debate taking place some time in August. (Standing At 40-60 Now) My prediction has come true. Thank you Baruch College.

Those of you who have been reading my blog know I have long predicted a Reshma victory. Sorry, but for that you are going to have to wait until September 14. (September 1-14: The Niagara Falls Part)

But the best news happens after that. Reshma is going to be one of the reasons Dems keep the House. (Keeping The House And The Senate)

For the debate preparation I am going to watch as much of Maloney as possible on YouTube. I am not looking forward to it. But it has to be done.
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