I suggested blogging, DFNYC Research and Advocacy group went for a closed wiki. I sugggested video blogging, DFNYC leadership is talking of a DFNYC TV. It will be podcast, and it will also come out like regular TV on public access.

Something is better than nothing. But I am critical of both deviations. And I will explain why.

We are not a think tank. We are a political organization. A closed wiki has the look and feel of a research group working on papers for prestige publications. And most members to date are still trying to figure out how to sign in.

We are not a TV station. We should not be trying to imitate old media. And even with video podcasting, you are raising the barrier to entry. You will only be catering to the crowd with video iPods. Someone spoke the pharase "a more professional presentation" in an apparent reference to my attempt to video blog two events. I disagree. Video blogging is not professional or unprofessional. It is what it is.

We are a political organization. Democracy is our message. Our emphasis should be on making it possible for the average individual to both create and consume media. That is why I emphasize blogging.

Blogging is for the masses. TV stations are for a few. A blog is for everyone, a closed wiki is for the few wiki-literates (I have a recent email inviting me to a wiki training session) among the few who show up for the once a month meeting.

The meeting idea itself is unnatural. What if I am not inspired to think and speak the next ground-breaking idea precisely at that holy hour? Then what? Should the house collapse?

With blogging, the conversation never stops. That is more natural. The conversation never stops, there is no barrier to entry, people can tune in and out as they please, 24/7, and there are no geographical barriers.

Our theme is democracy, remember?

DFNYC TV idea almost sounds like a way to turn Norman Siegel into a David Letterman. Even Dean is scheduled to show up. Both are great guys. But with video blogging, you have literally limitless space for both, and for many more. All DFNYC members should end up on "TV." And with my idea, they do. You don't have to be a Siegel or a Dean to get on TV. In a democracy you don't. And that is where video blogging comes in.

We should encourage as many of our members as possible to blog and then we should let them loose.

I think we should think all DFNYC events are part of a reality show with a national audience, and blog them accordingly. And that is more the truth than an assumption. There does exist an audience. Folks, we need to go national.

If you don't have an email account, get one. If you don't have a Blogger account, get one. And you can also have community blogs, a group all blogging at one address.

Try it. It is addictive. And there are scientific studies that show blogging is good for your brain. Because it works your analysis brain muscles.

DFNYC Research And Advocacy Group


Anonymous said…
Actually, a DFNYC blog of some form will be coming. With the blog, wiki, and video cast, we definitely want to get content from members. That is a definite goal.

I'm really not sure what your criticism is about. The fact that the wiki is not open to the general public? I'm not sure why that matters.

I also don't know what video blogging is. The video cast will be available online to non-ipod users. It may also be on public access at some point. Right now it only exists as an idea.